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Angels Among Us ​Rescue & Boarding

How We Help

Animal Rescue

We work with shelters to save ​dogs from death row before ​bei​ng euthanized.

Fo​stering & Boarding

We work with other rescues ​who need space for their ​rescu​ed dogs.


We help our rescues find their ​temporary and forever homes.

Quest for Paws Animal Rescue and Sanctuary is a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing, fostering, and rehoming the abandoned, sick, and injured animals around our city.

With you help, we hope to make a difference in the lives of these wonderful animals.

Dogs change our lives.

We're on a quest to change theirs.

My name is Alicia Powell and I began my ​rescue mission because I wanted to save ​animals off the streets and keep them from ​dying in our shelters. Sadly, many dogs are ​dying for no other reason than limited space in ​shelters so here at Angels Among Us Rescue & ​Boarding we give them a space and a chance. ​Our mission is to find them loving, forever ​homes so that they never have to know that ​kind of life again.



FEMALE - 2 year

Beagle / Bulldog Mix


MALE - year

Terrier Mix


MALE - 4 year

Bulldog Mix


MALE - 3 year

Terrier Mix


MALE - 11 months

Terrier Mix


MALE - 5 year

Terrier Mix

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How You Can Help

There are countless ways you can help us in our ​mission. You can make a cash donation (however ​big or small), donate food or medical supplies, or ​volunteer your time and home as a foster parent. ​Any of your time and talent would be a welcome ​addition to our growing rescue.

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We are the last hope for many ​dogs and take this very seriously!

107 Campground Road

Liberty, SC 29657

(864) 207-1618